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UGGGH. [May. 1st, 2009|06:07 pm]
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[Current Music |"So Nice So Smart" by Kimya Dawson]

 I HATE HATE HATE that DePaul has quarters and not semesters. Classes are really starting to suck a big one. I need some pointless irresponsible fun this weekend. 

NEW ICON. I made it from a pic that was posted on ONTD. I kind of want to try and become a member again but I have a feeling this journal is still too much of a baby to warrant membership. Oh well, I'll get there one day. 

This post is already really disjointed so I'll continue the trend with this recent bit of news: I was selected to participate in the First-Year Writing Program's Writer's Showcase this year which I suppose is cool. It's also made more work for me because I have to create a presentation board for the showcase. I have no idea what that means but I guess if mine is the best (which let's face it, it probably won't be) I get some sort of award... possibly a scholarship (GAWD! I need money). 

Still no job. Probably living in poverty this summer. What fun that's going to be.
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The Glove Compartment Was Inaccurately Named [Apr. 19th, 2009|01:25 am]
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[Current Music |"Pink Bullets" by The Shins]

 Oh boy. What a week it has been. 

My sister was in town for the week so we got to spend some good sibling time together. Lauren's cousin is driving one of the buses on the AAR tour right now, so we got to go to their concert on Tuesday for FREESIES! It was awesome. 

Then, on Friday, Lauren and I went to see Death Cab. IT WAS EPIC! They're so amazing live I think everyone should see them at least once in their life.

And finally, I have to take this time to include a shout-out to ONTD and the post "Twilight=Sued" (HERE) for making my weekend just that much better. I'm not entirely sure why, but it filled me with joy.

EDIT: ONTD just posted this. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
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What to do next... [Apr. 5th, 2009|04:42 pm]

 I was rejected from ONTD today. It's understandable considering how new this journal is, coupled with the fact that I have no friends who have livejournals (even though facebook is a way of life for most of my friends and I even think a few of them might have xanga's still). The funny thing is, the main reason I made a new account on lj was so that I could join ONTD and comment on the posts there. 

I guess I'll have to find some friends and join a few communities so I can stop looking like I haven't been on lj in weeks (once again, funny story, I go on ONTD and check their recent posts daily, if not hourly).

Oh and mods, when I try to join again (as I know I will do in a few weeks), please don't take this as sour grapes. I totally understand wanting to protect your community from people who aren't going to contribute at all, not to mention fucking trolls. We're cool.
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Quote of the Day [Mar. 10th, 2009|02:52 am]
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 "Martha Stewart's beloved Chow Chow, Genghis Kahn, was killed in a bizarre propane accident during a kennel stay!"
-Perez Hilton He Who Must Not Be Named

LOL. Of course her Chow Chow is named Genghis Kahn.

ETA: Why did I ever read Perez? Not really sure, but this quote still makes me giggle a little.
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The Long and Winding Road [Mar. 9th, 2009|07:52 pm]
[Current Music |"Memories" by Eisley]

Oy vey. I can't believe I'm back here. This is the first blog I've had since sophomore year and I can't believe I got sucked back in. I'm not really sure what to write for a first post that isn't too trite or juvenile. SO... I'm posting something I wrote a while back.

“Everyone wants a happy ending. That’s why Carrie and Big end up together. It’s why Meredith and McDreamy finally decide that their relationship is worth fighting for. It’s why Disney grew from a single man’s dream into a multi-billion dollar corporation. It’s also completely ridiculous. Life is not a fairy tale. Prince Charming is not going to ride in and save anyone. Hell, he’ll be lucky if he can save himself. We’re alone. Even when we think we’ve found that someone who’ll make everything alright, who’ll accept us (flaws and all), and who’ll hold our hands when things get tough, we’re still alone.

This is what happens when you’re 19, gay, and the most significant relationship you’ve ever had was with a girl from your high school. You become me. You become the person who, instead of going out when you have nothing to do all day, you sit at home watching TV on DVD and crying for the fictional people and stories emanating from the glowing screen of your laptop. You become so fucking numb that one day you start to think about how alone you truly are and you realize that you’ll probably stay that way forever, and you don’t even care enough to go out and change your fate.

I know that some people have problems far worse than mine. I’m not starving, I’m not homeless, and I don’t have an inoperable brain tumor. I have cynicism and depression. I have Diet Coke and cigarettes." 
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